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This is for high-achieving entrepreneurial women who are burnt out living the all-or-nothing lifestyle. Samantha and her guests break down topics in health, mindset and self-expression so you can learn how to create long-term results and cultivate more alignment, joy and inner peace.

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Episode 067: Recover From Burnout By Embodying Your Feminine Energy with Sophia LePage

In this episode I dive in with Sophia LePage as she shares her journey in and out of burnout real, raw, and vulnerable. From wearing ‘over-achiever’ like a badge of honor to ending up in a marriage she didn’t recognize herself in to having an affair and blowing up her good girl image she reflected on what brought her to that point and discovered feminine embodiment to revive after burnout.


Episode 066: My Favorite Yearly Reflection Tool The Birthday Letter

or and what’s important to focus on in the next year to move me closer towards the life vision I have for myself. Can’t wait to hear if you’re going to start this tradition too!


Episode 065: How I Have Been Using the VIBE Method to Process Life Lately

In this episode, I share a live replay I did for our VIBE & Embodiment community. Lately there has been so much going on behind the scenes for me and my family. With the passing of my grandfather and my other grandmother on my Mom’s side going into hospice after a few months of in and out hospital stays. I share how I have been using my 5-step VIBE & Embodiment method to help me process all the feels, stay grounded, and nourish myself.

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