Hello beauty!

This is your OFFICIAL INVITE to join this private community that I created with YOU in mind. I wanted a go-to place for badass women like yourself to get away from Facebook, Instagram and the stressors of life to help you unwind and process everything in a way that’ll leave you feeling revived and ready to crush the world that’s ahead of you! The party is waiting for you - let’s jump on in.

What does it mean to take the Pledge?

Bottom Line:

It is your internal commitment to yourself to feel and BE your best and not be alone in the journey. It’s dropping the quick-fix products, diets, and challenges that create harmful yo-yo swings and instead deeply loving and nourishing yourself through small daily actions that yield monumental and sustainable results from the inside out. We’re here to live life to the fullest and make a positive impact along the way!

What happens when I say HELL yes & take the Pledge?

Love from our Pledge Members

"In the throes of the pandemic I recognized my need for consistent accountability and a sense of belonging to a community of people also committed to a more balanced and aligned life! This community offers a safe space for discussion and exploration of challenges and wins, and it also introduces me to resources, tools, and ways of thinking that I wouldn't necessarily encounter on my own."

Grace E.

"Thank you everyone so much for this morning. There is boundless richness in each person. Just everyone's unique presence and energy and ability to articulate what what they're experiencing is so powerful. I already knew I tended to want to do things myself and be by myself, but this morning it was a particularly huge realization how much I neglect this area of community and relationships."

Peggy D.

What Exactly Comes with Your Pledge Each Month?

A Private Community for Support & Accountability

Each week you’ll check-in with a short writing prompt and cheer other women on in the group on our dedicated Pledge Platform powered by Mighty Networks!

Monthly Revival Workshop

Begin the month anchoring into our theme on the first Sunday at 9am EST. It’s all about tapping into the woman you’re becoming that month so you can pledge to take weekly action steps from an aligned high-vibe state.

Fun Prize Giveaways #PledgePerk

I love to share my favorite self-care tools or gift a coaching session to the lady who plays FULL out that month. Momentum is created from focused action and the Pledge is here to catapult your transformation by consistently showing up for YOU.

An Ever Growing Library of Resource Videos

Feeling stressed, scattered, fatigued, etc. mid day? Hop into the community and practice a short educational video walking you through different exercises to help quickly shift your energy or mood.

Monthly Focus Themes For Q3

When we show up for and nourish us, we can serve more powerfully.

July: Abundant

What could happen the second half of this year if you shifted your relationship with money? I’m so excited for our guest experts Christine Williams & Kristen Ricupero to share on this!

Aug: Whole

What loose ends have you been avoiding and how much energy are you losing to them? It’s time to call back that energy and redirect it towards creating your dream lifestyle. 

Sept: Momentum

Cleanse & nourish your system to build a foundation for sustainable success. When the body feels healthy and strong we’re more in alignment to get out of daydreaming and instead take action on the BIG vision on our heart.

Want Some Extra #Perks?

More Love from our Pledge Members

"This group is an incredibly safe place to be. The content you share is very valuable, even if I cannot fully participate, it's 100% worth it."

Melissa L.

"Thank you Samantha for sharing your tools and for the excellent song choices in the Revival Workshop. I appreciate how much each and everyone of you shared. It is really inspiring and comforting to know that I can relate to what each of you experienced. We are not alone! Thank you for helping me feel so much joy this morning!"

Amanda R.

Are you ready to join the Pledge Community?


$ 29 Per Month


$ 320 Per Year

Samantha's Been Featured In:

Growing up as a competitive gymnast taught Samantha how powerful the mind and body can be with intentional action and discipline. However, seven years later she would come to learn that the body will get your attention in the least comfortable way possible when you ignore the early warning signs of inflammation and burnout. A once happy smiley girl turned angry, depressed, and eventually suicidal when the medical community had no answers and told her that she would have to learn to live with it. Through holistic strategies she learned how to support her body and mind to climb out of the dark hole she was in and has to date supported over 15,000 individuals revive their lives through personal coaching, speaking, workshops, and her work at the Health Coach Institute.

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