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Are you ready to feel connected, playful, and confident in your body & life?
It's time to stop hiding & be seen for all of you.

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VIBE & Embodiment

The most confident, embodied, and joyful version of you already exists. She’s just hiding under layers of self-judgment, embarrassment, negative memories, shame, & social conditioning.

It’s time to shed the layers & EXPAND in the ways you know you were born to.

You have big dreams for your life…and you are MORE than capable of achieving them.

But instead, you keep watching others move forward while you continue to spin all the plates.

Doing ALL the things except the one thing you really want to. 

The answers don’t lie in another program or mastermind…you don’t need to learn anything new. 

You are more than ready, but can feel yourself hesitating to dive all in to create the success you desire.

The key you’re waiting for lies within. 

The VIBE method is here to help you unlock it.

Saying YES to VIBE is saying YES to:

A new and deeper relationship
where you accept & love all parts of yourself.

Thank you so much for the movement session. I am 25 weeks pregnant and I have been struggling with accepting my surprise pregnancy and in this session I was for the first time able to fully accept her/him with open arms. My unborn became so real to me and I got to enjoy her presence as we danced and celebrated her life. With tears in my eyes, thank you so much!

Gloria S

I realized the world didn't end when I stepped out of my comfort zone. I let go a little more and by the end I was dancing in the center of the room free from thinking and simply feeling 💕 It was amazing and after that I actually began to allow more connections and did my first Facebook live to the group yesterday with my declaration to play full out. I am not sure that would have happened without this experience!

Irene M

Why VIBE? Why Now?

What is VIBE & Embodiment?

A safe container for you to explore connecting to your body, processing emotions, and tapping into your creative expression 
through a fun & effective 5-step method.


V.I.B.E a.k.a Visceral Integration Belief Expansion 
combines music, movement, & visualization techniques for your brain & body to move as one.

It’s the way to process emotions, integrate your life experiences, and feel yourself move as your higher self 
to trust in your ability to create the expansion you desire NOW.

No matter how many…

✨ coaches you hire

✨ masterminds you join

✨ courses you sign up for

✨ workshops you attend

✨ freebies you download

You’re the only one with you behind closed doors at the end of the day. 

The only one that can take the steps to create, heal, & build the life you’re called to.

V.I.B.E is here to help you build your inner confidence and self-trust to play BIG in life!

In order to step into the next level of ourselves and embody a new way of BEing...

we need to learn how to MOVE differently… to… VIBE and integrate an expanded way of moving in the world for us.

Together we'll move from feeling...

To feeling...

If we haven’t met yet, HI! I’m Samantha,

It's such an honor to hold space for your physical mental emotional expansion.


I connected to my body at a young age through competitive gymnastics, but I was still disconnected in so many ways.

Ignoring my intuition, pushing my body past her limits, and inflicting self-harm during years of navigating depression & anxiety.

These techniques have helped me move through some of the most difficult seasons of my life and learn to feel the full range of life while staying more grounded. Learn more about my story here.

I’ve invested in a lot of programs, trainings, and mentors over the years and the most growth continues to happen when I connect to my body, surrender, & flow. 

To stop controlling or having it need to be perfect. Loving myself along the imperfect journey. Reconnecting to ALL parts of myself…especially the silly and weird ones!

The VIBE & Embodiment Method helped me learn to tune into my intuition, creative expression, and embody the energy of the me who already followed through. 

We can talk and coach til we’re blue in the face, but if we don’t learn how to listen and move with our bodies differently behind the scenes we’ll continue the same old patterns keeping us stuck.

I’m here to help you get out of your head and connect to your body so you can move and create a life that’s unique to you while tapping into the playful, creative, & sensual parts of yourself you’ve hidden away.

Because I know exactly how it feels to want to do the “thing” and watch others do it instead. Living confined and restricted not allowing my body & soul to take up space in this world. 

It is such a suffocating feeling when all you want to do is serve and help others. Only you can make the decision to change your experience and start to move differently from within.

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The doors to this program open a few times a year. Our next round will open late summer 2022. 

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Class begins on April 30th


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What's Possible For You With VIBE?

VIBE Testimonials

Thank you SO much for your movement session Sam! I love to dance too, and it reminded me that I don't do it nearly enough. Sometimes I find it hard to find the right words to express my emotions, and through dance I feel like I can just get lost in the music and really express myself. Thank you for allowing us the space & freedom to fully express ourselves through movement.

Laurie S

I was at a wedding this weekend, and I LOVE to dance, but there was a new way I felt like I was "showing up" to dancing because of this experience! Your movement workshop was one more way I could feel that deep trust in my body, and in who I am, expressing and integrating on a cellular level. Thank you for providing that opportunity!!!!

Melissa S

I have to admit, I felt excited to start and then my critter brain said, 'Oh boy! This is not comfortable'. Prior to the exercise you had us write down 'the invitation that I am making to myself in this moment?' Mine was to be open to looking silly and making mistakes. Being imperfect! Celebrating my uniqueness! Well, it took a couple songs to help me to open my eyes and then a little nudge or two along the way from fellow coaches, and then BOOM I had found my groove and was REALLY ENJOYING MYSELF! Like, actually dancing the way I felt that I wanted to. The way I had imagined a more confident, joyful and open version of Cara to dance like. It felt very good, and I thank you for helping me to start trusting in MYSELF and be loving, unapologetic and gracious to MYSELF.

Cara U

This movement exercise was so liberating and empowering. I have always loved music, and when it feels right, I love to dance. I was working at home after the retreat, and began to feel stuck. I thought of you Sam and this exercise, I put on some music and moved. I now have a whole new way of getting unstuck. As I began to move my body at home I had an epiphany. The epiphany was that the time in my life that I felt the most free, and that anything was possible was also a time when I danced unencumbered and frequently. I had lost that connection and let this simple tool slip away. Thank you for bringing that back to me and giving me the tools to never let this fade again. Much love to you Sam and all of those that were brave enough to step into the unknown and co-create such a powerful experience.

Liberty H

Frequently Asked Questions

No worries! While we think attending live is the BEST way to gain the most from this experience, we totally know life happens! All sessions will be recorded on Zoom and the replay will be posted promptly within the Private Facebook community.

YES! I’ve experienced full body inflammation to varying degrees since the age of 12. There is a specific technique I’ll share in the certificate you can do from a chair. If you can wiggle your fingers, toes, or gently sway to the music you can still have a powerful experience.

Once you begin the certificate refunds will not be granted. However, we understand that an unexpected life event could occur between the time of payment and beginning the certificate that makes it impossible to be present and soak up the experience. You are more than welcome to hold your spot in a future round or request a full refund by emailing prior to the first session.

The certificate begins on April 30th and is two months long (8 sessions) ending on June 18th. Each VIBE & Embodiment class will be held on Saturday from 10am-12pm ET. There will be several action steps to focus on throughout each week.

TECH: For the best and most full experience it is recommended to have technology that can access Zoom, Facebook, & Spotify.

SPACE: A quiet open space in your house where you can relax and feel comfortable to explore movement.

WARDROBE: Comfortable clothes you feel GREAT in and allow you freedom to move and flow in your body. While over-sized gym shirts are great…is that the VIBE you are calling in to your life??? Have fun with this one each week!

Bonus: A large mirror or floor length mirror takes this practice to the next level. Learning to see and love ourselves in the process as we are.

The primary methods of payment are through VENMO or CASH APP. On the next page you’ll receive information on how to submit payment through those. If you do not have a VENMO or CASH APP account, please still fill out the form above and then email me at to work together on submitting your payment.