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Episode 041: Diets Fail, You Don’t with Melissa Mauricio

In this Episode I dive in with Melissa Mauricio, a transformational coach specializing in intuitive eating. We chat about her journey with food, diet culture and how it praises disordered eating habits, and ultimately creating peace with food so you can reclaim time and energy to live a big life!


Episode 040: Expand Into Gratitude Holiday Meditation

Join me in this episode to pump the breaks and slow down this Thanksgiving. As the year winds to a close it can be easy to get swept up in the holiday bustle. To be disappointed by missed expectations, comparing your experience to that of strangers on the internet, and ultimately focusing on what we don’t have rather than all that we do.


Episode 039: Press Play to Change Your Mindset with Toni Jones

In this episode I get to dive in with Toni Jones to chat about her new affirmation album, Me VS Every Me. Her music has played such a special role in my transformation and healing the last few years and I share her songs with all my clients and in my workshops. I can’t wait for you to listen to this album and receive its goodness. Tune in to learn the meaning behind a few of the songs!


Episode 038: The Journey of Pregnancy with Detroit Doulas

In this episode I get to dive in with the owners of Detroit Doulas, Kirsten Johnson and Alex Idziak, to chat about the journey of pregnancy and how a doula can be an individuals or couples rock throughout the process. We talk about the differences between a doula and other providers, how powerful the body is, the importance of creating a relaxing environment you’re comfortable in, surrendering, and so much more.


Episode 037: The Myth of “I have no time.”

In this episode I dive into sharing the three core reflections that have helped me shift out of the mentality of feeling like I don’t have any time. When we don’t feel like we have time, we stay in a survival and reactionary mode. One of the biggest ways that we can revive our lives is by reclaiming our relationship with time! I can’t wait to share this episode with you.

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