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I'm Samantha, a Holistic Life Coach, here to help high-achieving women get out of survival mode by learning how to listen, appreciate, & take action on the signals their unique body is sending them.

Below are resources to help get your revival journey started today!


Mark your calendar for FREE times to revive with me each week!

Tuesdays // 6pm ET

Self-Care Revival Hour

2nd Wed of the month // 11:20 ET

Body Wisdom with Color & Grace

Thursdays // 12pm ET

Movement Sesh with J'adore Detroit

#MyRevivedLife Pledge - A Monthly Accountability Community

Not yet ready for 1-to-1 coaching? The Pledge is my fav first step to take!

The pledge is your commitment to approach your goals differently by releasing the all-or-nothing mentality. 

In our private Facebook group we’ll:

  • Check-in each Monday to practice the art of self-reflection and micro-pivots #goodbye all-or-nothing 
  • Practice Embodiment in a 30-minute LIVE Session on the 2nd Thursday where I’ll lead you through various visualization practices
  • Learn quick & simple strategies in the tools library to shift your energy & mood mid-day
  • Ask for support in a 30-minute LIVE Q&A  on 4th Thursday
  • Cheer each other on to keep showing up & leveling up
Together we’ll focus on creating revival from the inside out through simple & practical holistic living strategies!

90-Minute Goal Setting Workshop

Working hard but not sure towards what anymore?

Life can pull our focus all over leaving us in a perpetual loop of survival mode [a.k.a the exhausted busy “badge of honor”] without being able to move any one area forward in a meaningful way.

Join me for this 90-minute self-paced workshop that includes 6 short videos streamlined for fast action & long-term effectiveness. We’ll go over how to:

  • Determine which areas of your life are most calling for nourishment
  • Discover what you desire experiencing next  & what’s important about it to you
  • Reveal your mini goals that will help you build quick momentum to actualize your dreams into reality
  • Utilize visualization to process the past & direct your focus to seeing & feeling your future self today
  • Build in accountability & bite-sized action to keep you moving forward each week even when life hits the fan 

This is not a set it and forget it once a year goal setting exercise. This is your tool to go back to time and time again throughout the year any time you need help resetting your focus!

FREE Resources

4-Minute Sound Healing Meditation

Whether you are feeling… 

  • stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed
  • restless and overanalyzing in your head before bed
  • or are doubting yourself and nervous before you step out of your comfort zone in a big way

This audio will help you slow down your breath, release tension in your body, & create a calm center to focus your mind.

Note: Your information will never be sold or shared with anyone outside of Revived Living, and will always be used within the guidelines to Revived Living’s Privacy Policy. By signing up, you’ll receive relevant content to help support your revival journey but you can opt out any time you desire.

Discover The Alignment Grid

Frustrated with your current reality but not sure why?
The first step begins with awareness. In this 28-minute training you’ll:
  • Learn the differences between the four different states of the Alignment Grid
  • Discover which state you are currently living in & what empowered alignment looks & FEELS like for you
  • Acquire the 5 steps to create FULL alignment so you can begin taking action to align your life today!

Note: Your information will never be sold or shared with anyone outside of Revived Living, and will always be used within the guidelines to Revived Living’s Privacy Policy. By signing up, you’ll receive relevant content to help support your revival journey but you can opt out any time you desire.

Ready to create FULL alignment in your life now?

Discover if the
Revived Life 90-Day Intensive is right for you:

If any of the following resonate with you, 1-to-1 coaching may be the perfect next step for you! Are you feeling:

  • Disheartened that your personal life & health has taken a backseat to your career
  • Unhappy & frustrated because you followed all the “right” steps and still don’t feel at peace with yourself
  • Overly critical self-talk when you see yourself in the mirror
  • Overwhelmed on how to create space for YOU in your hectic schedule
  • Burnt out & ready to learn natural ways to process stress & emotions

Does the above not quite fit your situation, but still feel called to work together? Fill out the application any way and let me know what you’re looking to revive in your life & the support you desire to create it!

What Previous Clients Are Saying:

Jill Kowalski
Jill Kowalski@cartwheelhealthcoaching
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When we had our first consultation call I was completely lost, stuck and feeling overwhelmed by starting my own coaching business. Samantha helped me clarify my niche, rework an entire 90-day program to fit my voice and beliefs as a coach, consistently gave me gentle nudges to push myself to show up on social media and SO much more! 3 months ago I was ready to give up on myself and now I feel ready to take on the challenges that come with being a business owner with a new mindset! I'm forever grateful for her guidance and accountability. Thank you for going above and beyond for me as a coach every week!
Rachel Nelson
Rachel Nelson@rlconcetti_design
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The first month working with Samantha has surpassed all expectations. She has such a holistic approach to coaching that I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude. Being an entrepreneur I often times feel lonely & overwhelmed, trying to balance EVERYTHING at once, with Revived Living I no longer feel alone, and that is invaluable. I now have a safe place to turn to and Samantha is equipped with unlimited tools to work through things that once seemed insurmountable to me. She really does listen to you and crafts an individualized plan that actually meets your needs.
Kathryn Sussdorf
Kathryn Sussdorf@secondnaturelifestyle_
Read More
My coaching experience with Samantha has exceeded my expectations and 1000x worth the investment! I’m always amazed by the inner shifts and changes that happen during and long after each session. I’m 6 weeks into my 12 week VIP program, and I can’t even think about this experience being over yet because of how much this journey has impacted me. Not only is Samantha a powerful coach, but I trust her fully and that makes it easier to dig deeper into the hard things that come up.
Peggy Dunne
Peggy Dunne@pdunne428
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Samantha's guided me through several proFOUND experiences and there've been incredible changes in how I view myself. As a result, I've been changing so many demotivating habits that were keeping me stuck. She has an astounding ability to be present, listen and guide me to discover issues and blocks that were preventing me from having tangible and joyful successes. Working with Samantha motivates me to continue to stretch myself as I feel myself growing beyond what I always hoped was possible, but didn't know how to get there. I thought maybe I'd lost my mojo, but she just digs in there and helps you tap into it again. My confidence continues to grow in every area of my life and many circumstances I used to be afraid of, I am now learning to look forward to as fun challenges. I could go on and on. I’m so grateful to get to work with her.
Grace Erdmann
Grace Erdmann
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My experience with Samantha exceeded even my highest expectations (and from attending some of her workshops, my expectations were already pretty high)! I first met Samantha when she conducted a session at my place of work, and I reconnected with her via the Revive sessions she has been hosting during the pandemic. The way that Samantha integrates physical and mental wellbeing into the sessions, the wisdom she brings, and the welcoming atmosphere she creates convinced me that 1:1 coaching with her was the right move. Samantha has helped me develop practical tools and techniques for approaching daily challenges and coached me through an intensely turbulent time. Beyond that, working with Samantha had the astonishing and powerful impact of prompting me to examine the underlying beliefs and assumptions that have been shaping my experiences and behaviors for years in ways I didn’t realize. In addition to being brilliant, kind, insightful, skilled, understanding, and creative, Samantha is a joy to work with from a professional standpoint. She created a program that was tailored to my needs, and she is a fantastic communicator. I wholeheartedly recommend Revived Living!